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Adoption Fees

We work with veterinary clinics around the Kootenays: Primarily Selkirk Animal Hospital, Nelson Animal Hospital, Kettle River, Steeples and Tangelfoot in Cranbrook. The generosity of these clinics allows us to keep costs down, but please keep in mind that a spay costs us between $50-150 more than the adoption fee. We also vaccinate, do health checks, tattoo, often pay for transport, food, kennels, and supplies. At times, we get dogs who are ill, need amputations or major dental surgery, and we fundraise often to stay in the black. 

If you adopt a puppy, $200 of the fee is a spay/neuter deposit; the deposit will be returned to the owner upon proof of vetting or put toward your account before the surgery date.

Fees March 1 2024
Adult Dogs: $400  

Puppies: $300 + $200 spay/neuter deposit
Senior Dogs (8 Years +): $250


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