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Sanctuary Vision

CRA Permissions

In late 2021, HEART Rescue was granted permission by the Canada Revenue Agency to accumulate funds for the down-payment on an acreage for the purposes of creating an animal sanctuary. We have been given until December of 2031 to raise $200 000, with possibility of asking for extensions in time, and increase in scope of funds at the end of that time. 



With our network of transporters and amazing foster homes, we have been able to help 100-120 dogs each year for the past several years. For every dog we can help, we have to say "sorry" to two more. The neglected dog crisis in Canada's remote communities needs more aggressive action to solve. This includes education in local communities, rescue groups within those communities, and veterinary help from such incredible groups as CATF working in Alberta and Manitoba. 

While the wheels of change turn slowly, there are still tens of thousands of dogs needing help and it is with this in mind that HEART hopes to create a sanctuary for dogs to heal while they transition to forever adoptive homes in BC. 

Land and Beginning Structures

Currently, we are looking at river valley locations in the East and West Kootenays, with access to running water and treed areas. Fenced regions would allow dogs to run freely in meadows and forested areas while supervised by volunteers. We are hoping for non-traditional kennels that don't feel like kennels, complete with indoor-outdoor areas, home-like furniture and organic walls and floors. We would also have a live-in facility that would host volunteers and potential adopters.

Grand Long-term Vision

Once established, the hope is to grow the sanctuary to a place of

healing for humans and animals, with small cottages for live-in

volunteers recovering from trauma, who will love and train the

animals in exchange for a safe, beautiful place to live until they

feel ready to re-engage with society. 

We also hope to expand into a wildlife rescue society as that is 

something we desperately need in the area with increased

pressures on our wild spaces and the creatures we share them with. 

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