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Without our devoted foster homes, there would be no HEART Rescue. Fostering is an amazing opportunity to help dogs adjust to home life while awaiting their forever family. 

Where do you need foster homes? Our partners fly dogs into Edmonton and Calgary, where we need folks to pick up dogs at the airport and hold them for a few days until they continue their journey. Longer-term (see below) fosters are needed in any community along HWY 3 between Sparwood and Castlegar, BC. Outlying towns such as Kimberley, Nelson and Rossland are also welcome.  

Who is the ideal foster home? If you are patient and loving, that's the most important thing. We have foster homes with small children, cats and other dogs - while not all of our dogs are suitable to these homes, we certainly do get well-adjusted family animals as well. 

How long is the commitment? We ask our fosters to commit to a minimum of two weeks at a time. Ideally, the foster is willing to hold an animal until his or her home is found. The average length of a foster is about one month. We do have alternate placements if someone needs a break to travel or have visitors. 

How much does it cost? This is the best part! HEART provides everything you need for your foster dog. There are times we will ask fosters to take a dog to a vet appointment, but all costs are covered. 

What is my role? How involved you want to be is entirely up to you. The basic requirements are that the dog is safe and treated kindly, fed and exercised regularly. We love when our foster homes are willing to train, but we understand some families aren't necessarily experienced in this way. You will be fully supported by HEART volunteers if you wish to take on an animal that needs rehabilitation. 

What if the dog isn't a fit? We do our best to match you with a suitable dog based on your application, but sometimes the dog we get is different from what was described. You will never be "stuck" with a dog you are not comfortable with.  

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