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Monetary Donations

All donations go directly to helping dogs, whether it be paying transport costs, providing food while dogs await adoption, or covering unexpected vet bills.  There are no administration costs, as our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who donate their time and passion.  

HEART has been a registered non-profit in good standing since 2012 and achieved charitable status in 2020.  Donations can be made through etransfer to our email address or find us on CanadaHelps through the box below. 

If you would like to help, please contact us for more details.  


Please contact us if you would like to help are a regular traveller between any of the following cities:

Yellowknife - Edmonton 

Edmonton-  Calgary 

Edmonton - Kootenays 

Calgary - Kootenays

We could always use transport for dogs and are happy to help with gas costs!

Other Organizations

The NWT SPCA, receives minimal government funding, and survives mostly on public donations.  Visit their website for more information, to donate, or to view adoptable dogs.

Alberta Rescue Transfer System (ARTS) is instrumental in moving dogs in need from wherever they are to wherever they need to go.  They provide HEART dogs safe places to await further transport, as well as arranging rides when necessary.

Kootenay Animal Assistance Program (KAAP) is a Nelson-based animal adoption program that provides medical care and foster homes for dogs and cats awaiting adoption.  They have openly shared resources with us, passing on foster home information and posting our adoptable dogs to their website. Visit their website to donate or view animals in home of need.   


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