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Your Donation

HEART Rescue has been a non-profit society in good standing since 2012, and a registered charity since 2000. All donations $25 and over will receive an instant tax receipt if they are submitted via the CanadaHelps form located here. 

100% of funds donated go directly to helping animals. HEART does not have salaries, admin fees, cell phone plan or buildings to lease/rent; it is run by volunteers who dedicated their time without compensation. Our largest expense is, of course, medical bills. We average $2500 in medical costs each month. 

The remainder of donations go to transport of animals to BC, Insurance for the transport vehicle, food and supplies. At times, we help our partner rescues with medical costs in emergencies. Anything not immediately used to help animals will go into savings for the purchase of sanctuary land. 

Groups we Support

The NWT SPCA has been for many years the main shelter we help take dogs from. We often help with flight costs; there was a time WestJey flew rescue dogs free of charge, but those days are long past. We also often purchase used crates to send to Yellowknife as it is a resource they are often short of.

CATF is a group that does amazing work with various reserves in Alberta, hosting spay-neuter clinics where animals receive medical care, vaccines and can be safely surrendered if unwanted. HEART makes several trips a year to help at these clinics, with an average cost of $600 per with gas and accomodation. We often fill the van with surrenders at the end of the weekend. 

When we do not have space to help with dogs, sometimes we can offer finanical aid to groups such as Misty Creek, Saving Grace, Paws & Claws and AARCS. All do amazing work taking in neglected and unwanted animals. 

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