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Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.

coconut pup.jpg

Coconut was another Saddle Lake puppy who was able to get out thanks to one of our amazing Edmonton fosters who could hold her until we found a ride south. 

She has been fostered with dogs and young kids, and done great with both. She is still young enough to learn to be with cats. Coconut is house trained and sleeps through the night. She knows how to sit and follows along on walks. 

This little girl is the perfect age to scoop up and mold into your own!


              3.5 month old

     female collie lab x

                    16 lbs

          Kids: yes

          Dogs: yes

          Cats: yes

  Location: Grand Forks

    Status : Available

Heeler Bully Pups

3 month old females
20 lbs
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes

Rossland BC

Status : White and orange Available

Salmo girl (white and orange) is the most confident of the bunch
Castlegar girl (b&w) is the most mellow
Rossland is in between the two.
All are happy to see people and other dogs. 



6 month old male
Husky-wolf mix

Rossland, BC

Status :


After a flight and several long drives, Timber has arrived in the Kootenays from Yellowknife. He was surrendered along with several littermates at the ripe age of 6 months. 
Timber is a sensitive boy who absolutely needs other dogs around as guidance/comfort. If alone, he flops on the ground and refuses to walk - he also avoids people at first meet but is quite affectionate after 24 hours. 
He is food motivated and while he only knows "sit" so far, and not really his name, he does respond to treats. Timber will howl if completely alone but not if he's with other dogs. He is good on leash and off, and so far has not been destructive when left alone in the house. 


1 year old female
Shepherd Husky Mix
40 lbs
Kids: older

Dogs: yes
Cats: no

Rossland, BC

Status : Available

rosie shep.jpg

Rosie is an enthusiastic girl with a zest for life. Despite clearly being malnourished (don't worry, we are working to pack the pounds onto her!) this dog adores people and dogs. When her body catches up to her head, she will be such a stunning girl!

Rosie is in a perpetual state of happiness and loves nothing more than full-body cuddles. She WILL try to lie on top of you if you are on the couch. When she gets excited she does get mouthy, which presents as jumping up and play biting arms in particular. Certain firm cues will stop her, but it is problematic behaviour and has resulted in her moving foster homes several times. 

She does very well off leash and checks in frequently - she pulls on leash but is manageable as she isn't a very large dog. Rosie has good meet manners with other dogs and plays gently. She is still a bit of a puppy and will find socks to chew if she isn't given alternative toys. Rosie currently is uncrated when left alone.


Teeny & Tiny

8 month old female 
Maltese Westie mix 
12-16 lbs

Kids: yes
Dogs: reactive
Cats: unknown
Rossland, BC

Status :  Home trial



Teeny and Tiny are two small breed females that have bonded through the trauma of severe neglect. These girls are very cute and quite social with women and kids, but will bark and show fear reactions to men. They will eventually let certain men hold them after gaining trust. 

They are also quite reactive with dogs as part of their neglect was total lack of socialization through puppyhood. 

They were found abandoned in a laundry room where they spend at least two weeks without food or water. An anonymous tip led animal control to break into the home. They were since bathed, given haircuts and removed from the community in case the owners came looking. 

Due to the distress of this abandonment and likely other long periods of confinement, they get very anxious if their person tries to leave the room. This will get better with routine and trust but for now they do enter a state of panic.

Teeny and Tiny are also quite energetic so will need play time, walks and stimulation. We don't know if they are fixed but as they are small and easily monitored, we will wait to see if a heat cycle presents rather than exploratory surgery. 

These dogs will make amazing companions for someone moderately active who is home quite a bit. 


year old female
 Collie  Mix
50 lbs
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes

Rossland, BC

Status : Home trial


ruby collie person.jpg
ruby collie.jpg

Ruby was found wandering at large in the Lethbridge area. Despite attempts for the local pound to locate her people, nobody came for her. 
After a bath and a brush, she is her best luxurious self. Ruby is a highly affectionate, happy girl. She loves children, walks well on leash and does great on long car rides. 

She did well with dozens of dogs at the shelter and seems relieved to be back in a home where she clearly belongs. We will never know what happened to her and why she ended up wandering alone, dirty and matted, but she's happy now!




6 year old male
Collie Belgian Shep Mix
55 lbs
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes

Grand Forks, BC

Status : Available


Cash was one of several dogs seized from a property in Central Alberta. He is the sweetest boy - he just wants to love and be loved. His name was originally Slash but there is little to no rock and roll to this dog. We believe Cash would make a great therapy dog as his energy is so open and gentle - he seeks affection but doesn't jump or paw.
Cash does love balls and can get a bit excited when it's time for fetch. He will bark quite insistently and that catches people off guard. But he settles once the ball is out of sight.
He is disinterested in cats and is polite meeting dogs but has not shown any desire to play with them. 

Cash would do well as an only dog (star of the show) or with an aloof dog that doesn't care about sharing affection. 
He does not love being alone but so far we are unsure what that might look like outside of a crate. 



4 year old male
Swiss Mountain Pittbull mix
75 lbs

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: no
Salmo, BC

Status :
 Home trial


Cutter is from a municipal pound that has a euthenasia for space policy so we knew we had to get him out. He is such a sweet, mellow boy who just wants love and comfort.

He may have been hit by a vehicle when at large as he seems sore on his entire right side. We will be getting x-rays to determine what the issue is. 

Cutter is a big boy with a soft coat who seems like a Swiss Mountain dog at first until he opens his mouth and shows everyone that pittie smile! He sticks around off leash and just wants to be with his people. He does cry and bark if left in a yard alone but we aren't yet sure about inside a house. He seems to like other dogs but so far a few dogs have simply not liked him. If a dog is reactive with him, he will respond in kind. 

Cutter is neutered.




11 year old female
Terrier mix
25 lbs

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Ymir, BC

atus : Available


Missy is a local girl who was placed with us through a vet clinic. The elderly owner who recently acquired her underestimated her exercise needs and was also not able to manage her vetting expenses. Missy has an allergy of unknown origin and is currently on medicated baths and apoquel. HEART will help potential adopters with 3 months worth of apoquel pills. It is a drug that can generally be reduced to a few doses a week once a dog stabilizes so the cost is quite manageable after that.
Missy is playful but mellow in the house. She enjoys running around in the forest, which is great because she needs to slim down. Her recall is excellent, and she is great with cats and kids. You would never know she was a senior citizen, other than her contentment to laze about the house between outings.


10 month old female 
 Mountain Curr
Kangal mix 
70 lbs
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes

Revelstoke, BC

Status :  Available


Saddle Lake crew. At the end of the clinic weekend, Benni was in the leftover surrender pile of dogs no rescue had claimed. Despite being super sweet and gentle, she is a large dog and sometimes rescues are nervous to take those on as they can be hard to home. Our volunteer, Celine, just couldn't leave her behind and made space in her vehicle. 

This girl adores people and will follow her foster around like a shadow. She is low energy for a pup her age and really enjoys lying on cool floors. She is mellow meeting dogs and is respectful of the resident cat. She has a horse-like gallop when she tries to run and has a lot of growing still left to do. 

She is a leash-chewer but that's the only behaviour of note we've witnessed!

princess inuv.jpg
princess inuvik.jpg

Princess was at the Inuvik shelter for nearly a year. Not because there's anything wrong with her, there are just no homes at all to be had up there. 

She is a sweet, enthusiastic, playful girl who is SO happy to be out of the kennels. This unique looking dog will be the talk of the dog park. She does well with other dogs and has learned to really appreciate stuffy toys. 

Her short coat, stocky body and pointy ears also hint at bully content, which explains her enthusiasm for people. She responds to correction well on-leash and runs to whistles off-leasj. 

Princess is currently in Revelstoke, BC. 


          2 year old

     female Husky Chow

              65 lbs

          Kids: yes

          Dogs: yes

          Cats: maybe

  Location: Revelstoke, BC

    Status : Available



1.5 year old male
Bully mix
60 lbs

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Revelstoke, BC

Status :


Saddle Lake crew. Tony was sitting in the unclaimed surrender pile at the spay clinic one day after another. As the smaller, happier dogs around him got claimed by one rescue after the next, he laid way at the back of his crate, too scared to come out with all the noise and commotion. 
Once he arrived in Revelstoke, he perked up. He traveled well in the vehicle, and was happy to be somewhere safe. 
He wags with his whole body when he's happy, he also has a toothy smile that is super cute for those that recognize what it is but maybe scary for people who don't. 
This poor guy gets overwhelmed in new situations and will try to hide - he is also quite timid meeting men.
Tony is a smart boy who looks to his person for direction constantly. It's asking a lot, but our ideal home has someone home quite a bit, or an outside space where Tony can be when alone as he does have some anxiety - and of course someone patient with a calm routine as he's quite a sensitive guy.

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