Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.


1 year old male
Husky Sheba Mix
50 lbs
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Salmo, BC

Status : Available


Shilo is originally from the NWT. He was adopted in the Revelstoke area at three months of age but that placement has recently not worked out due to a change in work schedule. Shilo is a very loyal, affectionate boy who loves both the comforts of home and running around outside. 

He is a fit dog who will need regular exercise to be happy. He does very well off leash and is good meeting other dogs on the trail. 

Shilo has shown some separation anxiety if left completely alone, but does do better with another animal in the home, an outdoor run, or a larger space like a mud room to hang out in.


This beautiful dog makes friends wherever he goes and is the perfect Kootenay bike/ski companion.  

moe henn.jpg


1 year old female
Heeler/Kelpie Mix
Kids: no
Dogs: yes
Cats: no
Castlegar, BC

Status: Available



Henn comes to us from AARCS. This little girl presents as though she never left the property she was born on during her year of life. She is unsure of any new environment (except dog parks... stay tuned) and will often belly crawl, seek cover or simply lie down and not want to move. 

She likes women and will approach them wagging her tail. Men she will avoid and bark at if they are approaching her or her property. Henn also behaves as though she was beaten. She will present her belly when you approach, and will show her teeth if she is being touched in a way she isn't sure of (being pushed off of a couch she shouldn't be on) and has put her mouth on hands as a warning but it would not be considered a bite. This doesn't occur once she gets to trust you. Nevertheless, we don't think a home with small children would be safe for her. 

Henn LOVES other dogs. She goes from shut down to perky and wagging just seeing one at a distance. All her wordly concerns melt away at the dog park and she can spend hours there. She will also bond quicky and follow you around the home like a shadow. She is FANTASTIC running with a bike and her recall of leash is great as well. She will bark at some men from a distance but is getting better every day. 

This girl has clearly had some trauma but is still so young and very clearly wants to love and be loved. A home with a dog friend would be the best scenario for her. 


3 year old female
Husky Mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: no
Rossland, BC

Status: Available



Another young, energetic dog from Yellowknife! They will keep sending them because they know the Kootenays is the best place in Canada for an active dog to live their best lives. 

Sitka is SUPER affectionate, almost to a fault. She likes to be touched as much as possible, and will run up to strangers on the trail with a big smile and full of wags. This sweet girl still has puppy energy and gets excited about meal times, walk times, car rides and meeting new friends. 

Things that could use some work include leash manners (but good off leash), not jumping on strangers and a lot of talking if she feels like she's missing out. She can also take a day or two to adjust to sharing her home with other dogs. Also, way too interested in cats. 

If your family is looking for a cuddly adventure pup this is your girl. 



8 year old male
Lab Mix
60 lbs
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Revelstoke, BC

Status: Adopted



This poor old fellow is just looking for some love at the end of his life. But don't let his age and grey chin fool you, he is playful and spry! He did spend time in a home, but also a lot of years out on a chain. He comes to us from a community outside of Yellowknife and was pretty sad to find himself spending several weeks in a shelter. 

Crosby is a friendly gentle, quiet boy who enjoys pets, comfort, smelling the smells when out on walks, and hanging out with his people. He enjoys playing with other dogs and acts much younger when engaged with them.. 

He is quite perky and still has lots of years left in him. Are you the home to let him live out his days showered with love?



5 month old female
 Lab Mix
35 lbs
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Winlaw, BC

Status: available



Raven is another transfer from GEARS (Bowie is her brother). This girl has had some really bad luck to start her life but we are going to turn that around. She was likely hit by a car as she came to us with a shattered pelvis and broken hip. She was in a lot of pain and not using her hind leg at all. 

Raven also contracted papilloma virus which is effectively harmless but highly contagious and is not allowed to be around other dogs for 8 weeks after the last wart subsides.

She recently had surgery to mend her hip and will be resting and healing well into November. After that point she will be mobile and pain free but will never be a high impact exercise dog (swimming and off leash runs ok - no sustained running like behind a bike). 

She is a super sweet girl who adores people. She was a bit timid of strange dogs and we are frustrated she is unable to socialize at this time, but do hope whoever adopts her introduces her to many friendly dogs. 

finn pup.jpg

Blood Tribe Pups

13 week old m 
Kelpie Mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
1 male Trail, BC

Status: Adopted


We were asked to take on some pups at the recent spay clinic in Blood Tribe. Mother and father are unknown. The community has many kelpie/heeler type dogs and these little guys don't have rottweiler faces so kelpie x is our best guess. They are between 10-12 weeks old and have had health checks, deworming and first vaccines. 

They are smart pups and have picked up on house training quickly. They can be scared meeting new dogs and might bark or squeal and run but we are socializing them as much as possible. 

What a great time to get a puppy!


1 year old male
Husky Shepherd Mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: not intact males
Cats: maybe
Trail, BC

Status: Available



The van just returned from a weekend at a CATF clinic on Blood Tribe FN. Kelvin is one of many dogs that were surrendered at the event. 

He is a gentle, sweet, long legged boy who is likely to still grow a bit and certainly pack on some muscle. He enjoys meeting people, is very quiet, and is a nice mix of sweet and not so smart. 

Kelvin walks well on a leash, has no idea what toys are, takes treats gently, and will follow you around like a shadow. He does great meeting dogs off leash but may bark from a distance if on leash or separated by a fence.

He was an absolute gem on the entire 7 hour van ride surrounded by dogs and puppies. He has interacted with some outdoor cats and is not very interested until they run. He will likely do well with a confident cat. 

This big boy will make someone a great best friend. 



1 year old female
Shepherd mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: possibly
Rossland, BC

Status: Home trial



Mocha is a fresh arrival from Yellowknife. This girl LOVES to tear through the bushes off leash. She has nothing for recall but checks in often and jumps in the car at the end. She is quite affectionate, and really wants to play with other dogs though sometimes she can be unsure of them. We're working on her socialization. 

She is underweight and very food motivated (not surfing counters), she needs to be fed separately from other dogs in the home until she settles in and realizes she will be fed lots every day.

Mocha still has lots of puppy liveliness, and loves playing with toys and getting belly rubs. 

She has met one very assertive cat and didn't show much interest but was also a little afraid. She would likely chase a runner. 



1 year old female
Shepherd Sheba Mix
Kids: older
Dogs: yes
Baynes Lake (Fernie), BC

Status: adopted


Jackie is so full of joy that it's contagious. This girl came down from Yellowknife and has just been having the best time. She loves meeting people, can't get enough of dogs, and is thrilled to be outside. 

Even though she looks fully grown she is very much a puppy. She tangles herself in excitement on a leash walk, she can jump up to say hello, and she howl talks when she's not impressed.

Jackie has met all kinds of dogs and does super well on pack walks. She is pretty calm in the house if she's had her play time. She does show keen interest in birds so may not be great with cats who run, but she has done well with the current foster's cat. 

She is also still at the stage of using her mouth to play, which can scare children. A home with older kids would be ideal. 

Nova the Third

3 year old female
Jack Russel/Heeler Mix
Kids: calm ones
Dogs: yes
Cats: no
Rossland, BC

Status: Available



We try not to pick favourites on the van trip, but Nova was it. She is a gentle little slip of a dog who leans against you so softly and is clearly saying "you're going to love me, right?"

People have let this girl down in the past as she is quite submissive and very thin. Despite being nearly starved, she takes treats gently. She also adores human attention and will cuddle up with you at every opportunity. 

Nova is working on her recall but does stick around naturally off leash. She has a tendency to want to chase cars (the louder the more upsetting for her) which we are working on, but she should not be off leash near a road under any circumstance. 

Nova is anxious when first meeting other dogs and will bark, but is happy and playful once she gets to sniff and nothing bad happens. She listens to correction well but has two chasing breeds in her so it's not her fault if she can't resist the cats. 



5 month old male
Blonde lab mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Rossland, BC

Status: Available



Bowie comes to us from GEARS in Edmonton. 

Bowie is a pretty typical pup that has missed out on some socialization. He can be scared of people from a distance and will bark, but is super loving and happy when you get close and speak softly to him. He is similar meeting dogs - just ready for things to go badly but hoping for the best. 

He is a spirited guy and still learning manners like not jumping to say hello and walking nicely on leash. In addition to a crappy start in life, Bowie has contracted papilloma virus which is non-threatening but a huge inconvenience especially at this important stage of his development. He needs to stay away from other dogs for up to 8 weeks after the warts subside as it is very contagious. We are still open to meets and adoptions if families are willing to follow those parameters.