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Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.

Monty has been transferred to us from the Fort Mac SPCA. He came in with his two brothers - all three dogs were quite scared, but Monty began to love the shelter folks and turned into a real glutton for affection. They saw the potential in this guy and wanted to move him somewhere he had a real chance at a family. 

Monty is late middle-aged, about 70lbs, and still quite timid of new experiences. He is a dream in the car, and calm in the home once he settles in. He does get scared on leash walks in busy neighborhoods - urban living may not be for him. Monty LOVES people and will follow you everywhere. He can be jealous of attention that other dogs receive, but can share a home with a moderate energy dog. He has recently discovered play and would do well with a dog buddy that is similarly matched. 

We are hoping for a home that will give this guy the love and affection he deserves, and teach him that the world isn't so bad after all these years. Ideally, a more rural area where he can explore at his own pace without constant cars and people. 


STATUS: Available

8 year old

Male Husky/Lab

Castlegar, BC

Kids: yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Scared of


STATUS: Available


8 Year Old

Male Husky/Lab Mix


Fernie, BC

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown


Moe is Monty's twin brother! He just arrived from Fort MacMurray SPCA where he was becoming depressed. Both boys were found roaming on the streets and Moe does currently not respond to the name the shelter gave him so we are looking at something more suitable. 

He was clearly a roamer and has not spent time inside a home prior to foster care. He loves to be outdoors and can whine and pace if he spends too much time inside. A home with access to an outdoor space would be great. Moe is a very sweet and playful middle-aged guy. He can also be a trouble-maker. He is good at escaping yards, though he doesn't roam far. 

This is all normal behaviour for a dog who has never been a pet, and like Monty, we are certain he will settle into rules and routine after a week or two of love and patience. Moe enjoys playing with well-mannered dogs. 

We are grateful to all of the families who have stepped forward to adopt and foster during the course of the pandemic. While it has been wonderful for many shelter dogs, we are unable to rescue animals off of reserves or remote communities at this time. As soon as transport again becomes available, and travel restrictions are lifted, we will bring more dogs to the Kootenays.