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Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.


STATUS: Available

1-2 years old

Male Black Lab

Fernie BC

Kids: Older

Dogs: Yes please!

Cats: No

Blaze comes to us from Fort Smith where he was picked up just running about town. He is a lab in every sense of the breed: super affectionate, enthusiastic about life, food motivated x10, loves to play with other dogs. Blaze received some training at the shelter so is working on sitting before getting food, leash manners, not jumping up when greeting. He still has some polishing to do. Blaze is very trainable thanks to his love of treats, but you do have to take care walking around with food in your hand. 

STATUS: Available 

6 months old

Shepherd Mix

Elkford, BC

Kids: Older

Dogs: Calm & Confident ones

Cats: no




Kyper is a courtesy post for a recently-adopted NWT SCPA dog in Elkford. He is an affectionate dog with several insecurities. He has picked up so many commands already and is quick to learn. Kyper is reactive (barks and pulls) towards many things outdoors (people, cars, dogs) but is quite calm inside the home. He will need a strong leader who is familiar with redirect training, or willing to work with a trainer. He is still so young and would benefit from the companionship of an older, confident dog. 


STATUS: Available

1.5 years old female

Lab Great Dane Mix

Castlegar, BC

Kids: Older

Dogs: Yes please!

Cats: chases

Pixie has flown down all the way from Hay River, NT. She is a leggy gal who is a bit timid of new situations. She loves being in a home and warms up to cuddles pretty quickly. She may steal your pillow... and will snore. Great with dogs as well. She's energetic and loves to stretch those legs on off-leash runs (has good recall too! - unless she's found something to chase). Pixie is still a big puppy and might chew some things - she may need to be crated when unsupervised in the house, until she grows out of it. She will chase cats. Walking on a leash is new to her but she will learn with time.  

Teddy has had a life and a half. We wish he could talk! When the rescue folks came to round up some strays on the Saskatchewan reserve, he just wouldn't take no for an answer. They didn't really have room for him, but he seemed so desperate to go off with people that they stuffed him in. He may have some arthritis, and he wears a great many scars on his face and neck (and poor half tail). He will quietly growl if strange dogs approach (don't blame you, friend) but mostly just avoids them. He loves to lay about in comfort and adores being pet. Will use your lap as a pillow. Looking for a loving retirement home for this beautiful boy. 


STATUS: Home Trial

Vetting pending


Male Malamute Mix

Awaiting Transport from Calgary

Kids: OK

Dogs: Prefers people

Cats: not sure


STATUS: Home Trial

Pending Transport

2.5 years old

Male Spitz Eskimo Mix???

Cranbrook, BC

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes please!

Cats: unkown

Lakota is a total mystery mix of a dog, but we do know he's 100% cute! He comes to us from Yellowknife in hopes of life as a special blend of lap dog and adventure dog. 

We don't know about cats, but he has gotten the "family friendly" seal of approval from the NWT Shelter. He is a high energy little guy that would do best in a home with another playful dog to wear him out. 

Fully vetted and ready to go! 


STATUS: Available

6 years old

Terrier Cross

Awaiting Transport

Kids: Older

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unsure

Dally is a mature yet fit lady from Yellowknife. She spent an awful lot of time between the shelter and foster care, only because she is quite timid when approached by strangers. This girl is affectionate and sweet when given a few days to relax and get to know a person. She has lived in homes with dogs of all sizes and other than some food snarkiness and toy hoarding, she does well. Dally would be a wonderful companion for an older couple, or someone with a calm and quiet home.

She has lived with tiny dogs so cats aren't out of the question. She's a good girl in the house and won't chew your furniture!


STATUS: Available

8 months old

Female Kelpie Cross

Nelson, BC

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Confident ones OK

Cali had a rough start to life. She was struck by a car at 6 months of age and not taken to see a vet. She was surrendered at a spay neuter clinic a month later with a severe limp. Xrays showed a healing break in her leg and an unhealed one in her pelvis. After several weeks of love and bed rest in HEART care, she has the medical all clear!

There is a possibility she will experience arthritis on the rear right of her body in later years, but she is up for runs and adventures right now!

Cali loves all dogs and is super playful. She has also spent some time in a daycare and did really well with the children. Cali is well mannered in the home, but due to all the bed rest, she hasn't had much leash training and is very excited when outside. She loves her new life and can even turn supper time into a game. 


STATUS: Available

3 Years old

Female Pincher Cross

Rossland, BC

Kids: No

Dogs: Poor Meet Manners

Cats: No

Kaz is a quirky, loving girl with some insecurities. She is calm in the house and can be left for a work day un-crated. She is quietly affectionate once she gets to know you. She loves to run off leash and her recall is better each day (though she will chase rodents). Kaz gets herself wound up when meeting new dogs and will growl or jump on them. After a few moments, she is usually fine and can enjoy a peaceful walk with other dogs. Kaz is currently fostered with 2 calm dogs and it took her three days to relax around them. She still controls space in the house and gets tense when they walk near her. She has exhibited air-snapping behaviour around strangers and children but has never bitten a person. She would make a sweet companion for an active couple without children. 

Spirit came to us by chance from small town Saskatchewan. He was a community roamer, but when the round up van came for the strays, he ran up and jumped right in. Spirit has never been in a house before foster care - he will mark his first time in any new home, and will find food if it's left out. He LOVES other dogs and will play and play to exhaustion. He's a very affectionate, enthusiastic young lad. Has not been cat tested. Seems great with all people so should be fine with kids, but may be a bit exuberant for little tykes. 


STATUS: Available

1 year old

Male Husky Shepherd Cross

Rossland, BC

Kids: OK

Dogs: Yes please

Cats: Unknown


STATUS: Available


8 year old

Male Pomeranian Mix

Kimberly, BC

Kids: Older

Dogs: OK

Cats: OK

Winston is a shy little middle-aged man. He was at the Yellowknife shelter with his bestie Dally for a very long time. It was proving a challenge to adopt two very timid dogs into a home together, so they find themselves apart. Winston will likely avoid people for the first day or two in the home, but, like Dally, once he feels safe, will become affectionate. Our hope for Winston is a home with another smaller, quiet dog (or dog-loving cat), without small children, and patient, gentle adults. He is not a threat to children at all, but would likely be terrified of running and shouting.  

Coming Soon To Foster Care