Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.


2 year old male
Shepherd Heeler Mix
Kids: 8+
Dogs: yes
Cats: probably no
Revelstoke, BC

Status: Available



Phillip is back with us. Originally picked up on Siksika reserve at large, and vetted by our friends at AARCS.

Phil is an affectionate, playful young man who loves people and dogs. He was adopted quite quickly and won the hearts of his new family, however it was discovered that he is not comfortable around toddlers and the family has a daycare across the street. 

He has interacted positively with older kids, but seems agitated around younger children (5 under). Phil has also exhibited some herding behaviours such as nipping when around running, screaming children, which is very common for high-content heeler dogs. He has also had a bite incident when a man he didn't know well reached for his collar. Off-leash Phil does great following behind a bike or runner. He will make an excellent adventure buddy.

We still believe Phil would make an amazing family dog with kids over 8. He is well behaved in a home and out on trails. He loves to be touched and will be your devoted shadow.


1.5 year old male
Rottweiler/Mastiff Mix
90 lbs
Dogs: Yes
Cats: no
Fernie, BC

Status : Available


We don't get too many big boys, but here's one! Juju joins us from AARCS where they determined he isn't really a city dog. Hopefully somewhere in the fields and mountains is the home for him!


Juju is typical of a dog someone got as a puppy, did zero training, and abandoned when he got large. He does respond to correction and his current foster is working to teach him - so far he picked up "sit/stay" better than the foster's own dogs. He enjoys playing with dogs his own size as he is a wrestler and might scare smaller dogs. He is very affectionate, but also has a protective side and will bark at strangers on the other side of a fence. 

Juju is a strong boy who wasn't taught leash manners so he may need a halti or a confident walker with great balance. In less than a week in foster care, he had greatly improved and the lady of the house (retiree to boot!) is able to walk him on leash. He is eager to please and responds to direction well.

We know somebody out there is ready to love this beautiful boy. 


These pups are a mix of two litters from Siksika Nation - both father and mother are unknown but there were a high number of heelers at the clinic, which some of the black pups may have in them.

Dag (m) Largest of the litter, rambunctious and playful, but likes to sleep away from the group.


Gimli (m) leads the team in potty training, prefers cuddles to play time. 

Rinda (f) communicates well, gentle and sweet.

Valkyrie (f) likes to make her presence known. Super social with the other pups, would likely love a home with another dog. 

Nemo (f) independent, likes time away from the group, affectionate with people

Avis (f) energetic and playful. Will be the first to wake from naps. 

Pups will be ready for homes after their vet visit May 25. Slocan City












2 year old male

Malamute Mix
70 lbs

Kids: teens+
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Probably No

Golden, BC

Status: Available

Look at this handsome beast! He knows he's incredibly good-looking. What he doesn't know is how he wasn't able to find a home in Calgary! Lucky for him, he is now in the mountain paradise of Golden, which is much more suited to his love of the outdoors. 

Tonka enjoys being outside, especially around water. He has met several dogs out on walks and done well with all of them. His behavioural assessment from AARCS states that he can resource guard in the home with other animals, so despite his gentle-giant nature, he may be happiest as a solo pet. 

He can be aloof with people, which is a bit of a malamute thing, so if you enjoy the company of a dog that won't be crawling into your lap on the couch, he may be the bromance for you. He uses his mouth to let you know when he's done with being pet, so that may be scary for kids.

Brush mandatory - he will tolerate a combing when tired.  



5 year old male
Keeshond Mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: probably
Rossland, BC

Status: Available



Swanson is a very sweet, quiet guy who loves to get scritches because he probably can't get his own claws through that luxurious coat. 

He looks big in photos but is under knee-high due to his comically short legs. This fellow will need regular brushing or his hair will get mats. 

Swanson enjoys the company of other dogs and loves being outside. He acts as though he were a roamer as he is uncomfortable indoors on his own and will either need to be crated or outside when unsupervised while he transitions. 

He walks well on leash and loves running off leash but has nothing for recall. He will check in if he feels like it and so far has turned up at the end of walks to get back in the car. 

He has a neuter upcoming shortly. 


2 year old male
Husky Kelpie mix

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: probably no
Revelstoke, BC
Status: Home Trial


chief curl.jpg
chief ears.jpg

Chief had to drive all the way from Yellowknife because he got too stressed at the airport to get on a plane! He likes spending time in his crate, but was super suspicious of the big flying machine. 

He's a sweet dog that that is excited to see people and other dogs. He can pull to say HI when on leash, but is learning to be redirected with treats. He does well off leash with a pack but may do some wandering if out on his own. 

If Chief gets out for daily exercise, he is super content to nap somewhere comfy in the home. The luxury life is new to this boy who grew up sleeping in dirt and snow, and boy is he enjoying it!

Are you ready to make Chief a part of your pack? His several drivers all thought he was a super cool dog. 



4 year old male
Boxer-Shepherd Mix
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: no
Castlegar, BC

Status: Available



Herbie, aka Bones, almost had a home but it fell through. This middle aged dude is in a tough spot - he isn't young enough to keep up with mountain bikes, but has too much energy to be considered a senior. He is a friendly and affectionate dog, who is content with a backyard to sun in and neighbourhood strolls, but can also do proper hikes. 

Herbie is good meeting other dogs and plays with puppies, but we recently discovered he may not be able to co-exist in a home with one. He was placed with a submissive dog and began to resource guard things and spaces. He may do ok with a more confident dog. 

He was very thin when we first got him but he is at a healthy weight now. Herbie will chase cats in a home.

Will someone give this sweet guy a chance?



5 year old male

80 lbs

Kids: 12+
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes

Trail, BC

Status: Available


Welcome, Dozer! This lad was surrendered to the Fort Smith SPCA after being raised in a home with kids and a cat. He is a very sweet, precocious and loyal dog, like most of his breed. Dozer wasn't neutered so 5 years with dingleberries has made him a bit amorous with other dogs. We will be snipping him ASAP and working on training out that behaviour. 

His leash manners also need work, as he will pull to say HI to all the dogs. He will also need to work on his recall, but that should come with attachment and regular opportunities to explore. He is a bit unsure of strangers and takes about an hour to really warm up. He can do some grumbling if you pet him before he gets to know you. 

He needs some polishing, but what a great foundation - not the least bit aggressive, good in the house, and loves to be with his people. 

Dozer does have a fatty lump on his chest which will also get rechecked at his neuter. 

mj drako.jpg



8 week old male

LGD Husky Mix
15 lbs

Kids: yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: yes

Revelstoke, BC

Status: Available

Pavo is the last of MJs pups after we had an adopter back out. 

He is the largest of the litter, very social, and likes to get your attention by clowning around. 

MJ is a very sweet and energetic mum who appears to be a mix of lab, heeler and husky. Her pups look nothing like her!

Pavo is a beautiful boy with a unique coat. He is vet checked and ready for a home!



5 year old female


Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: maybe
Salmo, BC
Status: Available



Queenie is a sweet and gentle girl who is ready for a new home. She lived successfully as a ranch guardian for years, but recently started harassing new born calves so her family gave her up. 

She is good with other dogs though has shown resource guarding around her food dish and leash reactivity. She walks well on leash despite never having been on one until she met us! 

Queenie knows how to give hugs and if you ask for one, she will gently put her paws on your shoulders. 

We believe she would still make an excellent farm guardian for chickens, but perhaps not livestock at this time.