Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.


3 year old
Male Husky Jindo
60 lbs
Kids: older 
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Rossland, BC

Status: Available


Solo is yet another Yellowknife dog - they can't fly them fast enough! He's a timid guy who isn't sure of people and hasn't experienced house life prior to foster care.

After two weeks, here is what we've learned: Solo is a super gentle boy who will let you touch any part of his body, but really likes deep neck scratches. He has yet to make a peep (timid dogs tend to not draw attention to themselves). He is super well behaved in a house, though he is just starting to try putting his mouth on things (oven mitts) so may go through a late puppy stage as he relaxes. 


He enjoys being around other dogs, but has not yet played. Surprisingly, he walks really well on a leash, unless something has scared him (or something scary - people, bikes - are behind him) then he pulls to get away and keeps pulling for the rest of the walk. When meeting people on trails he will sniff hands but won't let strangers touch him.

It will be a long time before Solo can go off leash. We tried once and he ended up running 15km to live behind a smelter for two months. Once he came  back, he settled into home routine quickly and enjoyed a bath even. 

Solo is not food motivated and only after a week of constantly changing his food (wet, raw) he is eating two large meals a day and starting to put on weight. 

We've had boys like Solo before and his journey will be slow, but he will make a wonderful, loyal companion for the person willing to walk alongside him as he grows. 



2 year old female
Husky Shepherd
60 lbs
Kids: yes 
Dogs: selective
Cats: probably no
Rossland, BC

Status: Available


Rosie is an energetic, playful girl that will need exercise and stimulation to be her best self. She is still very much a puppy, and can get excited, which results in jumping up on people and sometimes mouthing. Kids who are old enough to not fall over when a 60lb dog leans on them should be fine. She was in a home with children for several months. 

This joyful dog loves meeting people and is very curious. She can growl when meeting dogs on leash, and can act jealous in the home with them. Her ideal situation would be a family where she is the only dog, but is able to consistently walk with other dogs as she does love to play. 

Off-leash recall depends on other stimulants - she does best sticking close when out with her dog friends. She does well in a home unsupervised.

Her meeting with cats has been described as "overly curious", which doesn't usually transform into peaceful co-existence. She is currently fostered in Rossland. 



1.5 years old
Husky Mix

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Fernie, BC

Status: Home Trial


Welcome Dallas! This beautiful, tiny-eared boy comes all the way from Fort MacPherson - found wandering at large. 

He is a joyful dog who loves walks, water and other dogs. He was a pretty gross boy when we got him; his foster said he let her wash him all over without complaint. 

He is pretty rambunctious so his leash manners need work, though he isn't very large which means he doesn't pull too hard. The likelihood he would knock over small children is quite high. He is an affectionate boy who learns quickly. In a few short days, he has mastered "sit" "stay" and "come". 

He is currently fostered with a dog a cat. He is scheduled for a neuter later this month. 


2 year old
Male Husky 
65 lbs
Kids: older 
Dogs: females ok
Cats: no
Rossland, BC

Status: Available

More beautiful huskies from Yellowknife! This young lad is friendly and confident. He's a playful guy that likes to get belly rubs and be mentally stimulated. King wants to say hello to every person he meets. His stunning ice blue eyes are the talk of the town.

He likes to spend lots of time outside and is surprisingly good at sticking around on a property (very un-husky-like). He is excitable and can jump up and pull on-leash. Basically a puppy in a big-boy body. 

King can be bossy if coexisting with dogs, but is good meeting most dogs out on walks. He has some challenges with males who are close to his size or larger. 

He has shown some prey drive with squirrels so we are going to assume no small animals or hobby farm environments for him. He can also resource guard items in his mouth and should be fed away from other dogs. 



4 year old
Male Klee Kai
45 lbs
Kids: 6+
Dogs: leash reactive
Cats: no
Nelson, BC

Status: Available


Norman is a beautiful, shaggy lad who is starved for affection. He is a champion cuddler who enjoys Netflix, fireplaces and long drives in the country. He is also super playful when he finds the right dog friend.

His robust coat makes him ideal for a mountain environment; he enjoys spending time outdoors but appreciates the comforts of inside and spending time with his humans. 

Norman had dog friends at the NWT shelter but he didn't love all dogs equally. He can get squirrelly on leash when he sees other dogs, particularly large dogs, we are working on re-directing and calming before meets. He likes women and can be timid around men. He adores being brushed, and boy does he need it.

Norman will not make a good biking dog because he nips at things going by quickly, including the occasional car, but he is getting over that with exposure. He would be a perfect property dog for someone older who wants a super affectionate companion but has lots of room for him to play and explore. 



3 years old male
 Rottie shepherd mix 
Kids: yes 
Dogs: yes
Cats: maybe
Rossland, BC

Status: Home Trial


Rebel comes from Fort MacPherson, NT. He has been tied up his whole life until now. His family was going to Edmonton on vacation and asked the bylaw officer to shoot him instead of finding someone to care for him. Luckily, he made his way to the Yellowknife shelter. 

Rebel is a pretty easy going guy. He does well on a leash, is calm meeting other dogs, and likes people. It is evident he has been hit because when he first came to us, sudden movements caused him to flinch or scramble. Once he realizes you want to touch him gently, he is all for it and will come frequently for affection! He also enjoys being brushed. Rebel was recently treated for an aggressive ear infection and may have recurring problems with his ears that will need to be monitored.

He co-existed with a cat in foster care, but chased the home-trial cat (particularly outdoors) so his compatibility likely depends on the cat. Also depending on the home, Rebel is still figuring out where to do his business - he did not mess inside in two foster homes that had him outdoors for much of the day, but did at his home trial. It seems to be a case of confusion when he first moves house. 

This guy is really good off-leash - he sort of glues himself to your heels as if he's afraid to lose someone who is kind to him. He's a goofy, spirited lad. He likes spending time outdoors and we are working on his jumping up and mouthing habits.