Anyone that has had the opportunity to adopt an abused or neglected dog will understand what a powerful thing it is.  Seeing them transform into a confident and joyful pet will absolutely fill your heart. 

These moments of growth are matched only by the devotion they will show you when they come to understand you are their hero and have given them life.


2 year old Male
 Husky Shepherd
70 lbs
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: ??
Nelson, BC

Status: Available


Blaze has arrived in Nelson! This cutey pie has a giant had and short little legs. He looks a bit like a garden lion statue. 

So far we know he's affectionate with people and good with dogs, though he did grumble at a yappy small dog at the dog park. He will also bark half-heartedly at dogs he sees approaching from a distance, or can growl, but is very happy to actually meet the dog.

He travels well in a vehicle and is all wags when meeting people. Blaze is an energetic fellow so will be able to keep up with all your adventures. He still has a puppy streak which means he is working on his leash manners and will let out sad little whimpers when he doesn't know what to do with his energy. 

He's a smart boy who learns quickly. He'll do very well in a home with a dog who is well trained to show him the ropes, as well as some land to stretch his legs on as he loves to run. ​

Blaze has not been cat tested. 

Jack 6873 1.JPG

Diesel & Ella

7 year olds 
Border Collie Staffy Mix
55 & 35 lbs
Kids: yes 
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Trail, BC

Status: Available


This brother-sister duo have been together since 3 months of age, raised in a home whose recent circumstances changed and were no longer ideal for the dogs. 

Both are very sweet and friendly, well mannered, and currently fostered with cats. Both are great off leash but can pull when leashed. 

Diesel is the larger of the two and more energetic and lively. He acts like a 2 year old dog; bouncing, playing and letting his nose take him all over. He is very cuddly, and an all around nice, confident dog. 

Ella is a petite thing who is also super sweet, but she lacks the confidence her big brother has. She is shy meeting new people and going to new places. She is also calmer and more subdued than Diesel, preferring to sit back and assess a situation. We are hoping for a home with a confident dog that can be best friends with Ella. 

There is potential to adopt them together. 



1.5 year old male
  Shepherd Mix

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Nelson, BC

Status: Available


Jergens is another transfer from AARCS in Calgary. The folks there CANNOT believe this boy did not get scooped in the month he was with them. He is a playful, gentle, well-mannered and very friendly boy. 

As they put it, he was a rare "green" dog, which means even brand new volunteers can walk him at the shelter. He's still got puppy mannerisms as he's such a young lad, and a fair amount of playful energy for a big dog. He has not shown interest in chasing cats, but will jump a fence to say hello to passing dogs. He can be a bit jealous around his people and wedge his large body in between his human and any dogs seeking affection, so would do best as an only child or with an aloof dog. 

Jergens will make a great family pet for anyone with the room to contain him and lifestyle to get him out on adventures. Large breeds are not well-suited to run after bikes, quads or skis so we are hopeful for a scenario where he is wandering at his own pace hiking or jogging. 


3 year old female
 Malamute Mix

Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Salmo, BC

Status: Available Oct 23


Osa has quite the story. A woman who lives in Edmonton travels to Aklavik once a year as part of her work. For the past few years, she was always happily greeted by Osa out and about in the community. This summer, when she returned North, Osa was absent, but when she went way out onto the land to do some research, she found Osa in the wilderness on her own, miles from town. She was dirty and matted, but very happy to be found. When the woman brought her home and started brushing her, she discovered she was lactating and immediately arranged to fly her back to Edmonton. 

Heart took possession of Osa upon landing and she made it to Salmo a few days before giving birth. This girl is so incredibly sweet and playful, and she adores people. She tolerates other dogs but prefers to be the one true love. She is also respectful of confident cats, but will chase farm birds. 



1.5 year old
Male Newfoundland mix 
90 lbs
Kids: older 
Dogs: barrier reactive
Cats: unknown
Winlaw, BC

Status: Available

Skip is another transfer from our friends at AARCS. His former foster describes him as a loving teddy bear and the happiest dog out there. 

Skip is still puppy-ish and excitable. He can jump up to say hello and mouth hands, so a home with older kids would be advised. He can have trouble regulating his excitement and needs to be redirected to be calm.

He gets excited seeing dogs when he's on leash or in a vehicle as well. He can bark and growl if he doesn't get close fast enough, which is off-putting for the dogs he's trying to meet. He has been improving, and once he can sniff a dog, he's happy. He is great meeting dogs off-leash.

Once he finds a dog that's willing to wrestle with him, he will play and play. He sticks around off-leash and has good recall.

This big, shaggy lad has not been cat tested as yet. He will need a harness when walked until his leash manners improve. His ideal home would have some property, and large breed dog experience. 


Osa's Puppies

4 weeks old
 Malamute Collie Mix
4 lbs
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Salmo, BC

Status: Applications Closed
Accepted Families Will Be Notified by Oct 20

female pups osa.jpg

Osa is a 95lb malamute with the sweetest temperament in the world. The father of the pups is unknown, but based on colouring and coat thickness, possibly a collie or sheepdog type. 

There are 3 girls (left) and 4 boys (right). They are being raised in a home with other large dogs, a small dog and cats. Puppies were between 500-700g at birth, which is larger than average.


All of the pups are healthy thus far (4 weeks old Oct 18) aside from Turtle Bean, who appears to have developmental delays. He will be having a vet visit soon to determine the cause.


 7 applicants will be invited to meet the pups at 6 weeks old (Oct 30 weekend) and give their top choices. Pups will go home at 8 weeks, after vet check and first vaccines. 

male pups osa_edited.jpg